American KUSA Corporation provides both (1) OEM services from the planning, designing, illustrating, sample creation, R&D, and manufacturing, and (2) ODM services 
where we follow customer provided designs and R&D plans to manufacture the product requested. 
Regardless of the size of the order, whether large or small, we offer our superior quality and adaptability to support the realization of the product you desire.



R&D Ability

In fulfilling our obligation as OEM/ODM, through our wealth of experience and flexible thinking, many of even the most highly challenging requests and desires of our customers have been realized, often as innovative products that have not heretofore existed.

Abundance of Ideas

We possess ample flexibility in product R&D to match our customer’s schedule, budget, and various requirements. For example, a simple method is to take a variation of an existing product or part to create a new one. A different option would be to go to a full new product development, starting afresh from product planning, design, R&D, etc. We are able to adjust our R&D to the level desired by each customer, and will provide ideal suggestions.

Quality & Productivity

We possess flexibility to adjust to customer’s product volume needs, by maintaining stable high quality production starting from relatively small to very large scale production.


BG-316 ink

Most Advanced Gel Ink

No Smearing   |   Super Quick Dry   |   14 Vivid Colors


RR-7 ink

Advanced Pigment Ink

No Smearing   |   Super Smooth   |   Super Quick Dry   |   14 Vivid Colors


Liquid Ink

Liquid Ink System

Provides a smooth writing and consistency of rich ink flow.

Different tips available by applications.




Multi Function

Multiple Pens Consolidated into one mechanism.

Successfully developed the technology to endorse multiple pens and mechanical pencils in various optional combinations into one stylish and slim body.


"MAKIE" Japanese Traditional Designs


Elegant, Simple



Low Viscosity Ballpoint Pen

Elegant, simple and colorful pens.

Simple and timeless design. Made in Mexico (fast delivery). Japanese quality and reliability.

​Low Cost. Ideal for ASI/Promotion.